Property Management

Expert Guidance

Prime Vacations allows property investors to maximize their investments by providing premium onsite property management and property maintenance. We understand exactly what each property requires, and we treat our clients’ properties as if they were our own, ensuring that the investment goals and client expectations are always met.

Profit & Asset Maximization

We have been in the vacation rental industry for over 25 years and we know how to consistently provide excellent customer service. Our team’s expertise and experience will save you time, increase your revenue, and ensure that your guests are satisfied, resulting in our mutual success.

Network of Trusted Vendors

We have built a network of hardworking and trusted vendors who work diligently to meet our high standards. As part of our excellent property management program, we will contract only the best vendors for guest cleanings, necessary repairs, and improvements to your home.

Established Local Company

The Prime Vacations family of brands pride ourselves at being the best local guides. Our team’s knowledge of the local tourism industry, unique attractions and hometown vibe of our locations really allows us to make guests feel welcome, which encourages them to return year after year.

Let Your
Investment Property
Work For you

When you join Prime Vacations you are partnering with a team of professionals who are experienced and trained to keep your property performing at a very high level. We have in-house teams dedicated to Property Maintenance, Revenue Management, Finance, Marketing, Reservations, Onsite Guest Services and Inspections, and Business Development.

Enhancing Your Investment

Self-managing your vacation rental home comes with a lot of responsibilities. Whether it’s marketing your property or dealing with difficult tenants, these issues can quickly become overwhelming to handle. Prime Vacations will do the work for you.

Upscale Properties Require Upscale Care

We treat our clients’ homes as if they were our own. When working with Prime Vacations, you won’t feel as if you’ve entrusted your homes to strangers who don’t know how to properly care for it.

We go above and beyond to keep the property in pristine condition. We schedule the necessary cleaning services, regular and comprehensive maintenance inspections, and our Inspections team walks the property before each guest arrival and after each departure to identify and address any potential issues.

When you work with Prime Vacations, you have our guarantee that the properties we manage will always be in prime condition.